The most important ideas

I met composer Francis Pott at the ACDA national convention a few years ago. He’s a kind soul and now a good friend. I keep rereading a recent interview of his, especially the response I’ve shared below.

What do you consider to be the most important ideas and concepts to impart to aspiring musicians?

Francis: “Too complex to address in any detail. In summary: patience, optimism, commitment and determination; gratitude for opportunities and kindnesses; consideration for others; willingness to learn from perceived setbacks and turn them to good account for the future; thoroughness and self-discipline; modesty, backed by quiet confidence that your best compositional efforts can ‘do their own talking’ and do not need obnoxious blowing of one’s own trumpet; willingness to be charitable to colleagues in the profession (this may involve intuiting when they themselves feel insecure or uncertain of their ground); a core belief in the importance of communicating what one has been given to feel and perceive; a polished ability to speak in public and, if it arises, onstage; the willingness to be an ambassador for the profession and a good human advertisement for it.”

Words to live by. Read the rest here:

And learn more about Francis and his music here:

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